Imagine turning on your computer in the morning and you are able to view a report of how your business is doing with the data updated from the closing of the day before.

And imagine that this was your daily routine complete with a list of cheques to print and send out to capture any discounts available and to ensure your payments are on time.

I take care of your paperwork and tell you what needs to be done in priority and any information that needs to be brought to your attention.

Why wait for month end reports to know how your business is doing? You can have the information daily.

Whether you are organized with files or if all your papers are loose in piles, I can relieve the pressure you are under.

With Goud Books Accounting Services, this could be your new reality.

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Self-employed, Small business and Corporate

I can provide any of the following services and more:

  • Daily, weekly or monthly bookkeeping services
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • HST Remittances
  • Payroll and Source Deduction remittances
  • T4, T4 A and T4 Summary
  • WSIB Remittances
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Year end file preparation Bookkeeping
  • Personal and Small Business Income Tax Preparation.

  • Personal

    Do your taxes online with our income tax return tool
  • Single Income Tax
  • Couples Income Tax

  • Rates

    Service Details Price CA$
    Personal Income Tax Single Person Income Tax $45
    Couple Income Tax Income Tax Where Both Spouses need to file $80
    Self-employed/Small Business Income Tax Personal return for a self-employed person. From $250
    Corporate Income Tax Prepare Income Tax for a corporation From $1200
    Standard Bookkeeping Weekly or Bi-Weekly Bookkeeping $25
    Monthly Bookkeeping Bookkeeping on a Monthly Basis $30
    Quarterly or Rush Job Sporadic or Quarterly Bookkeeping services - Jobs That Have Been Put Off And Are Under a Deadline. Ie: HST Return With No Previous Bookkeeping Due In Under A Week. $35
    Manual Payroll - Hourly Rate If using a desktop version software, I prepare payroll for your employees and print paychecks dated to your payday. If using an online version software, I prepare payroll for your employees and have paychecks ready to print on your pay date. Included Services - Records of Employment, T4 Slips, Monthly Source Deduction Report and check setup or print. $25
    Direct Deposit Payroll (Hourly Fee + $5 Per Transaction) Calculate Payroll and use Direct Deposit to pay into your employees bank accounts and email pay stubs, monthly Source Deduction Reports and Payment. As with manual payroll the service includes Records of Employment and T4 Slips. (All Fees and Payroll are due 2 days prior to the pay date) $25
    Telephone or in Person Consultation There is never a charge to discuss your needs. Free

    Goud Books Accounting Services
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